Which is better, investment casting or stainless steel investment casting


Which one is better between precision casting and stainless steel precision casting, and how to choose, the following Shandong precision casting manufacturers will analyze their advantages and disadvantages for you.
Consumers have choice phobia. As long as there are two identical things, they will start to hesitate for no reason, and then they will use all kinds of methods to help themselves make decisions. For example, some time ago, some consumers hesitated between precision casting and stainless steel precision casting, and they never knew which one was better. In fact, there is no hesitation about this. It depends on what circumstances you need precision casting. If it is only needed in general situations, and if it is not used in some terrain, choose precision casting. But if you want to operate at high temperature, for example, you should choose stainless steel investment casting, because stainless steel helps not to distort or corrugate the part due to high temperature, and is the best choice.
In terms of function, there is no doubt that the functions of precision casting and stainless steel precision casting are the same. The difference is that stainless steel lasts for a long time and is extremely heat-resistant. By distinguishing between the two, you can quickly choose which one you want without tangling.