What are the operating procedures of silica sol precision casting process


Silica sol precision casting process is a very precise casting process, so how is it generally operated?
Below, Junlong will share with you the operating procedures of the silica sol precision casting process as follows:
1. Check whether the equipment and temperature control instruments are in normal working condition.
2. Pour the old wax liquid recovered from the dewaxing kettle into the filter tank for filtration; then send it to the standing bucket, and let it stand for 6-8 hours at a temperature lower than 90 °C.
3. After the settling water is discharged, pour the wax liquid into the dewatering bucket.
4. In addition to the wax liquid in the water bucket, keep the temperature at 110-120 ℃ and stir to make the residual water evaporate until there is no foam on the surface of the wax liquid.
5. The wax liquid that has been removed from the water is filtered through a <60 mesh screen and then placed in a standing bucket at <90°C, and kept for more than 12 hours.
6. The remaining water and dirt at the bottom of each bucket and standing bucket should be periodically released.
7. Send the recovered wax liquid processed in the static bucket to the heat preservation bucket of the die wax press machine for the main production die (runner).
8. According to the performance of the old wax material and the consumption of the wax material, add a proper amount of new wax to the stationary bucket II from time to time, generally around 3%-5%.
We operate the silica sol precision casting process and operate according to the above process operation procedures. If you have any questions, you can contact us.