What is the scope of application of Forklift parts precision casting


Forklift parts precision casting refers to forklift engine parts, chassis parts, gearbox parts, cooling system parts, electrical components, and various accessories. Forklift accessories are an extended part of forklifts and are designed for handling goods in warehouses. Except Forklift parts precision casting is driven by manpower, others are driven by electric motors, which are widely used in the storage industry because of their compact body, flexible movement, light weight and good environmental performance. When working in multiple shifts, motor-driven Heli forklift accessories need to have a backup battery.

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Forklift parts precision casting is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, etc., and can enter cabins, carriages and containers for loading, unloading and handling of palletized goods. Indispensable equipment for transportation. Forklift parts play a very important role in the logistics system of enterprises and are the main force in material handling equipment. Widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc., it is an efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation. Self-propelled forklifts appeared in 1917. During World War II, forklift accessories were developed. China began to manufacture forklifts from the early 1950s. Especially with the rapid economic development in China, most enterprises have moved away from the original manual handling of materials, replaced by the mechanized handling of forklifts. Therefore, in the past few years, the demand of China's forklift truck market has been growing at a double-digit rate every year.
At present, there are many brands of Forklift parts precision casting available in the market, and the models are complex. In addition, the product itself is technically strong and very professional. Therefore, the choice of models and suppliers are often faced by many purchasing companies.