china Forktip Casting manufacturers Introduce the use of castings


china Forktip Casting manufacturers found that the use of castings is very wide, has been used in hardware and the entire mechanical and electronic industries, and its use is becoming an expanding trend. Specific use, construction, hardware, equipment, construction machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, lamps and other industries, many of which are in contact with ordinary people all day, but do not understand metal objects.

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china Forktip Casting manufacturers share casting process

In the casting process of machine tool bed castings, the principle of high temperature casting and low temperature casting should be followed during casting. Because increasing the melting temperature of molten metal is conducive to the complete melting of inclusions and the floating of slag, which is convenient for slag cleaning and degassing, and reduces slag inclusion and porosity defects in machine tool castings; china Forktip Casting manufacturers found that using a lower pouring temperature, there are more It is beneficial to reduce the gas solubility in the molten metal, the liquid shrinkage and the baking of the high temperature molten metal on the surface of the cavity, and avoid defects such as pores, sticky sand and shrinkage holes.

Therefore, china Forktip Casting manufacturers recommend to use a lower casting temperature as much as possible on the premise of ensuring that the mold cavity is filled. The process of pouring molten metal from a ladle into a mold is called pouring. Improper pouring operation can cause machine tool casting defects such as insufficient pouring, cold insulation, pores, shrinkage holes and slag inclusions, and cause personal injury.